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August 26, 2007



Sockpal, they fit! You have no idea how worried I was that they wouldn't! I hope you don't mind the striping of the sock yarn or the fact that the colors aren't strongly subtle. The socks look more stripey from afar.

Without putting them on my husband's feet (small for a man), which I didn't think you would appreciate, I couldn't tell how the finished product would look. My feet are tiny for a woman -- read junior size -- it's so embarassing shopping for shoes, sigh, socks too for that matter. I went to the little girls' section today to find socks that won't be loose and cause blisters when I walk. Humiliating, let me tell you. So, I couldn't tell the finished product of your socks until now! Hope you like them and wear them well!


Hi – I saw a comment that you left on my friend the FemiKnitMafia’s blog. I wanted to email you a question, but I can’t seem to find your email address. If it’s not too much trouble, can you drop me a line at aswiminknits AT yahoo DOT com?

PS -- Lucky you -- those socks are beautiful :)

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