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April 17, 2007



your sockpal here,
Got your information and now I have questions. You don't mention color, so what colors do you like? You do mention subtle solids and I took a look at the yarns you mentioned. So, is this subtle solids just blues with lighter areas or is this same range with different shades (i.e, all blues, including lights and darks, or another color with lights and darks) or multiple colors in different ranges (i.e., blues & greens, reds & oranges, purples & deep blues). Any preferences? Colors you just look sickly in or hate?
I read you like texture. Do you like texture in your socks? A nice allover cable or a KP pattern or just plain stockinette for the foot, but the cuff can have pattern. How tall a cuff do you like? See, questions!

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